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Meaningless and more importantly, pointless

without a care

the winds of change
sweeps gently across the plains
the clouds dangles
precariously from invisible strings
up above, in a mysterious tangle
without a care.

the creases on his face
outlines the journey in his gaze
from a distance
the roads dwindle into oblivion
spreading out evenly from this instance
without a care.

the flowers they bloom
explosive and vibrant out of the gloom
the lawn sprawls
life begins at this most unlikely season
as the weeds starts to wither and crawl
without a care.

my lips, they feel dry
the sun glares down angrily
still air suspends
as i start to feel despair
and i hear myself say
i don’t care.


Stop the Jumping/Skipping

Dumbass kids next door.

Look, I love kids and everything. but seriously furious skipping with a skipping rope in the middle of the night ain’t going to win you the most considerate neighbour of the year award. I’ve seen these kids. 2 fat, huge ones. Hey, I am chubby myself but that don’t mean I’d be skipping my ass off to piss off my neighbours.

FFS* Stop the insanity. i have to deal with two of these asswipes. You can imagine not one BUT two of them. It’s all nice and shit if they could skip nimbly but nOooooOOoo… if u watched Ultraman as a kid, no not Ultraman himself but rather two huge dinosaurs and monsters from space. Yeah. Imagine that. You get the picture now. Plus they awesomely suck at skipping. You know how i know this? In between seconds, one of them would take turns tripping and falling.

Skip. Skip. Skip. THUD! Ow!
Skip. THUD! OW! Skip. Skip.

Rinse and repeat action. + Add Random THUDS! and Ow!

So i quit caring immediately and turned up the music in my room.

Obviously making myself the neighbourhood nuisance as well.

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

FFS* = For Fuck’s Sake.

Everything’s gone to shit

Moments of despair,
Pen’s running out of ink,
Flowing thoughts run,
Away up the tunnel,
And then quickly down the sink.

What was built over the years,
End in wasted guilt,
Beauty and creation roamed freely,
In the wind, it whispers “feel”.

As much of the breeze swirls,
Flutters my beating heart within,
I clung on to what was the truth,
The only thing I knew.

Yet the sand beneath my feet,
Crumbling and disappearing,
My footing was lost and i clambered,
To hold on to what was real.

Yet the reality blurs,
My heart yearns and burns,
I reach out and grasp the straws,
And felt nothing more.

I lay awake, eyes wide open,
Shallow breathing, and beads of sweat,
I feel the sudden onset of heat,
and the realization that,

Everything’s gone to shit.


Sometimes it's easier to type the words that will hopefully, somehow ignite change because it is getting increasingly harder to sit back and watch as the whole world goes to shit. - Pointless
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