Stop the Jumping/Skipping

Dumbass kids next door.

Look, I love kids and everything. but seriously furious skipping with a skipping rope in the middle of the night ain’t going to win you the most considerate neighbour of the year award. I’ve seen these kids. 2 fat, huge ones. Hey, I am chubby myself but that don’t mean I’d be skipping my ass off to piss off my neighbours.

FFS* Stop the insanity. i have to deal with two of these asswipes. You can imagine not one BUT two of them. It’s all nice and shit if they could skip nimbly but nOooooOOoo… if u watched Ultraman as a kid, no not Ultraman himself but rather two huge dinosaurs and monsters from space. Yeah. Imagine that. You get the picture now. Plus they awesomely suck at skipping. You know how i know this? In between seconds, one of them would take turns tripping and falling.

Skip. Skip. Skip. THUD! Ow!
Skip. THUD! OW! Skip. Skip.

Rinse and repeat action. + Add Random THUDS! and Ow!

So i quit caring immediately and turned up the music in my room.

Obviously making myself the neighbourhood nuisance as well.

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

FFS* = For Fuck’s Sake.


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