Pointless things to do on a Friday night

One of the most pointless sites i’ve seen in a while. I should have have thought about it myself. Awesome stuff.

I could have gone to a club to listen to some dude spin tonight at some bar. But luckily I CBF (Can’t Be Fucked) , i decided to stay home and just be a complete anti-social fuckwit. So here i am figuring out how to pass time.

what to do .. what to do..

My previous attempt to clean the room up has frankly fell flat on its own face. SO fuck that. well i managed to stuff back the stuff that was sticking out of place and they are now hidden from mine and other unknowing visitor’s sight. Note to self: do not open the closet.

What’s on TV?
I am watching some chef cook Thai food for a couple. I just watched im make awesome spring rolls with crabs, some fish and other assorted green stuff. If i had rice paper at home, I’d be off to make em too instead of typing this entry in.

ah fuck it, i am hungry DAMN YOU CABLE TEEVEE!


AH FUCK Nigella’s on. Man… seriously I dunno what to look at.. the food she cooks or her boobs.  (did that just rhyme?)

Kk.. BRB.


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