No other words required. >.<


tap…tap.. tap.. testing one two and three… mic check…

The fuckass weather’s been getting to me.

Seriously. fucking seriously. gimme a fucking break.

PLEASE GOD, if you reading this, send some wind, any wind, my way.

Even my fart can seriously cause a breach in the stillness of the air right now. It’s so not funny. Fuck, man. I wish i could put it all in a more less vulgar way but i can’t.

The aircon has decided to go on strike. Here’s the deal. I hit the “Operate now” or usually known as the “ON” button. It starts to spurt and vibrates and lets out what sounds like a cross between a wimpy wet fart and a sneeze, and it shakes to life. Then it starts to blow out air. HOT AIR. I suspect it thinks it’s actually a water heater. IMO, L2aircon.

The aircon’s blades of plastic thingy whatchamacallit (I, for the life of me, don’t know a better word to use for it) start to rotate slowly, wait make that fucking slowly, to where i am situated, i.e. below the vent itself. Heres the funny deal, it starts to blow out cool air. Yeap folks you heard me right. It’s like a cock tease. Like a really hawt porn movie streaming on youtube that decides to stop streaming when the best scene is about to happen.

It stops blowing out air altogether. Then a while later it just repeats to warm air circulation duty.


So i hit the “Turbo” button (well not really a turbo button, but a button that forces the aircon to cool the room down with all its might and vigor). Take that bitch, i muttered under my breath.

So it starts to retort and retaliate and kicking and bitching to life again. This time it blew out obscenely cool air that made me smile. Triumphantly jabbing my hands in the air. Cries of “Fuck yea” and “OMFG” and “Who’s your daddy?!!” broke the stillness of the night.

Then it happened.

The aircon went very still. NO air. NO sound. RED Blinking Light. followed by a strange faint beeping noise.

I killed it.

I went too far, I sent the poor ‘lil fucker over the edge. I stare at it. Nothing worked.

Nice work, fucktard. You successfully killed an inanimate object.

My new best friend is a fan.


I had a photo op moment with a well known rogue on the server who has not one but both Warglaive of Azzinoth. Which basically means he kicks ass and takes names and whose guild had downed Lord Illidan himself. omgz omgz!!

He was willing so i screen shotted this. Actually I’m lying. I think he was afk or something so i just shimmied my way next to him like we were best friends and i hit the screen shot button. Paparazzi FTW.

OMG. L2chickvsdick. awesomest prime.

Meaningless and more importantly, pointless

without a care

the winds of change
sweeps gently across the plains
the clouds dangles
precariously from invisible strings
up above, in a mysterious tangle
without a care.

the creases on his face
outlines the journey in his gaze
from a distance
the roads dwindle into oblivion
spreading out evenly from this instance
without a care.

the flowers they bloom
explosive and vibrant out of the gloom
the lawn sprawls
life begins at this most unlikely season
as the weeds starts to wither and crawl
without a care.

my lips, they feel dry
the sun glares down angrily
still air suspends
as i start to feel despair
and i hear myself say
i don’t care.

omgwtfbbq ep. 6!

I go cry now. bb!

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Qui-Gon Jin

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